12 noeuds

vitesse de pointe

2 x 15 kw

Equipé de deux moteurs à haut rendement


passagers à bord


unlimited autonomy

The M.9 is like a boat whose fuel tank fills itself throughout the day. The roof and the solar wings recharge the battery, whether you are sailing or stopped.


Environmentally friendly navigation

The M9's virtual anchor solves a major environmental problem


An innovative boat

Millikan Boats has not compromised on innovation. In addition to the solar wings, the latest generation of panels, the latest generation of engines, the M.9 also has an interface previously reserved for the automobile

Solar wings - Exclusive to Millikan Boat

The M.9 is equipped with two solar wings, which deploy as soon as it leaves the harbor. Activated by two simple and powerful marine cylinders, and retained by a tip and a cleat, the kinematics of the opening of the wings gives the impression of the flight of a bird, directly inspired by the cartoon "The Golden Cities".

When deployed, the wings provide 20% more energy to the boat, without affecting navigation or visibility.
When returning to port, the wings are simply folded down by pulling on the tip, guided by a hoist and held by the cleat. The maneuver is very similar to lowering a sail. For the port manoeuvre, the cleat combined with the force of the jacks, allows to leave one or the other wing half-open, in order to make pass the possible hang.